Week 5 with Hydroponic Hut’s Pro-Grow 260 LED grow light!
Since taking the Pro-Grow 260 out of the box on day one, it’s been plug & play (plug & grow, actually). Adjustments to the light and lighting distance can be made at any time, there is no need to cool the lamp first, as the heat generated in nominal. In addition, you can foliar feed plants at any time without fear of burning the leaves, or worse yet, shatter a white hot high pressure sodium or metal halide bulb with a little over spray – No bueno! No worries with LEDs, but keep HID bulbs behind a glass lens of some kind, the safety is well worth the few lost lumens.

Medical marijuana plants in a vegetation tent

End of June Veg-Tent inventory... Autoflowers, cuttings and seedlings, Oh my!

Sticky, sweet-smelling sublime bud!

Northern Light auto-flower #3 (center fabric pot, in the above picture), and Blue Mystery #3 (gray fabric pot, upper right, in the above picture) are at day 15 from seed. After a little lull in growth after transplanting, they are adapting to their new pots. I have to add, these fabric pots rock!

Now at day 35 and after much delay, the Northern Light auto-flower plants 1 & 2 (Pictured below in 8″ red & blue pots), have really picked up the growth. I hope to see them show signs of flowering this week, I’ve been told these usually kick into bloom between weeks 4 – 6.

Northern Light Autoflower cannabis seedlings

Northern Light Autoflowers #1 & #2, at day 36 from seed making up for lost time.

Barely 6 weeks old, and at day 15 of flowering (and only a week and a half older than NLA 1 and 2), the Blue Mystic (Mystery) Autoflower, continues to amaze & dazzle with its furious growth, very bizarre appearance.

Autoflower marijuana plant in bloom

Blue Mystic Autoflower - Day 15 of bloom, day 43 from seed.

Not sure if I consider it “stretch” but the continuous vertical growth is still hitting 1 – 2 inches a day on certain branches, though it does appear to be slowing. Trichomes are beginning to form on the small, sparse leaves and multiple tiny bud sites. I hope the slight slowdown in stem growth represents a shift of vegetative energy to blooming. If these buds fill in, even semi-respectivly, the yield should be decent. But it’s way too early to even go there.

Coming up shortly

The Med Report on our two recently harvested Nirvana Blackberry plants. Here is a sneak peek of the review, a quote by a fellow patient after 2 hits: “Woah!”

Grow Weed Easy!

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