My year with the PRO-GROW Series of LED Grow Lights from Hydroponics Hut

Part 1 in a series that will span a live grow from seeds to harvest in real time… Okay, maybe a day or two’s delay.

Two 90 watt UFO LED grow lights from different manufacturers.

Two 90 watt UFO LED grow lights & high hopes!

Nirvana Seeds, Marijuana Seeds Straight from the Source!

How it mostly began

When I looked into growing my own medicinal marijuana, I had no idea what I was in for. Beyond the necessary knowledge of basic botanical care and such, there was a need to learn about the technology behind indoor growing.

Soil and soilless mixes in pots seemed simple enough, nutrients & pH too. I’d skip hydro till I had my feet under me and a few grows under my belt. The next item up, grow lights… Then things got confusing.

Staring in a closet with a space of 3′ x 2′ x 5’tall  (92cm x 46cm x 152cm tall), HID lighting (Metal Halide, HPS) seemed to be out of the equation. The other choice I was familiar with was CFLs (Compact Fluorescents), which are easy to obtain, and are very affordable. However, I had issues with CFLs early on, was unsatisfied and began to seek an alternative.

I took to the web to get information. BIG mistake! There were so many sites trying to sell me so many things… I just wanted unadulterated, unbiased info, and I was lost. I found several good cannabis growing, related forums and began to read the postings of the big “hard core” growers. There was little help in that, as they were all 1000watts of this and T5 that and way over my head. Anyhow I got to following some “average guy” grows and that is where I really learned a lot. I mean the pros are great and they have their systems down, but everyday people make mistakes and learn from them and I was needing to learn too.

Enter the L.E.D. grow light

Okay long story short, during my time in the forums I followed many early LED grows, most of which ended with less than stellar results. But  after the dust settled, there were a few LED grow lights that stood out.

I limited it down to the two LED grow lights with most consistent results through 3 different grows. It’s no coincidence that both vendors are still in business, offering great customer service and producing some great lights

Indoor Medical Marijuana Garden Illuminated by LED Grow Lights

Note the color difference between the Pro-Grows on the ends and the pink “disco” light in the center. All work, but the Pro-Grows really shine!

Between the two, they both bloomed very well, but in the end I went with Hydroponics Hut’s Pro-Grow line of LED grow lights, and the reason was all around results.

The spectral difference in the Pro-Grow line of LED is immediately noticeable. With dual spectrum running, the light is more kind and pleasing to the eye, and the plants in vegetation seem to love it too, most other LED grow lights require or suggest a “Veg version” of their lights, meaning you need 2, one blue spectrum for growth, and a second with more red spectrum for blooming. The Pro-Grow LED’s “Selective Spectrum” switched to blue/white will veg seedlings better and cooler than CFLs with more wattage, as well as bloom fat, dense, trichome coated buds in full spectrum and selective, all red setting.

Fat, sticky medical marijuana, grown with LED grow lights

Plant “S-2” – One of three Bubblelicious grown under a Pro-Grow LED grow light

Picture proof…

The question of “Can LED grow lights grow decent weed?” has been answered. The answer is, no! You can grow excellent, medical grade marijuana with LED grow lights

Grow #1 3’x2’x5′ tent, Pro-Grow 140, 3 Bubblelicious in 3 gal pots

This was one of 3 Nirvana Bubblelicious plants that yielded a total of just over 145 grams. This plant yielded just over 70 grams of dried and manicured Top Grade Meds and was grown under the Pro-Grow 140.

Plant “S-1” – The last Bubblelicious grown under the Pro-Grow 140 to be harvested .

Bubblelicious cured after harvest.

Bubblelicious curing after harvest.

The Bubblelicious Pro- Grow 140  Pic Gallery »

The Remaining two Blue Mystics heading into week week 9 of 12/12.

Two Blue Mystics heading into week 9 of 12/12.

Grow #2 – 3’x2’x5′ tent, Pro-Grow 180
5 Blue Mystic in 6 gallon Bubbleponics.

Was done in a 6 gallon Bubbleponic set-up under the Pro-Grow 180. We began with 5 plants, as we they were supposed to be autos and “short”. They were neither.

Nirvana seeds, staight from the source!

When all was said & done, the last two plants delivered 70+ grams and 34 grams of manicured meds. With the previous 3 plants totaling just under 55 grams.


Blue Mystic - Day 56 of 12/12, Day 98 from seed.

Insane Trichome production on all 5 Blue Mystic – Day 56 of 12/12, Day 98 from seed.This was grown under the “Pro-Grow 180” LED Grow Light from Hydroponics Hut.

Over 4oz top-shelf medical buds, 2oz frosted-shake, and a sticky marble of scissor/finger/powder hash.

Over 4oz top-shelf Blue Mystic buds, 2oz frosted-shake, and a sticky marble of scissor/finger/powder hash. Somehow the “Tijuana” blanket seemed an appropriate backdrop…

The Blue Mystic/Pro-Grow 180 Gallery »

Sticky, sweet-smelling sublime bud!

Coming up…

We’ll be doing a Veg-Tent/Autoflower grow with a new light

Hydroponics Hut: Pro-Grow 260 Series
7-Band UV & IR 13,400 lumen+
Featuring 3 watt High Output Chip-sets.
600w HID equivalent @ 170w (Full Spectrum) power draw

Like a Gunshot blast!

Nirvana's Northern Light Autoflower seeds

2x Northern Light Autoflower seeds are go!

We’ve seeded 2 Northern Light Autoflowers to do a start to finish grow beneath the Pro-Grow 260 LED grow light. They will be grown in soil, 3gal Smart-Pots, on an 18/6 light cycle.

To take full advantage of the Pro-Grow 260’s selective, wide spectrum, we’ll also be using it to veg seedlings, cuttings as well as blooming out the autos.

My goal is to show that with great equipment, comes great results. If I have a light that can veg and bloom, and has the intensity of an HID in a closet sized area, why not double my bud potential?

Seriously though, my only concern is that the PRO-Grow 260 may lead to autoflower plants that are too big for the Veg-Tent. However it is a problem I don’t mind having ;-), and we’ll deal with that should the issue arise.

Nirvana Seeds, Marijuana Seeds Straight from the Source!

The Pro-Grow 260 should be here today (Tuesday), and we’ll have our Northern Light autoflower seedlings ready to go, and half a tent of cuttings and seedlings that are eagerly awaiting the new lights arrival!

More to follow, check back soon!!!