I have been wondering why marijuana is not legal in the state of Massachusetts. It doesn’t make sense to why we make such a big deal about that particular drug. There are worse things to worry about other than marijuana. Our economy would benefit greatly if marijuana was legal.

If it was legal, it could be sold in pharmacies or stores specialized in marijuana. It would be able to be taxed which in turn, helps the government, and it would take crime off the streets. A lot of people start to use marijuana because it is like being rebellious.

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It’s against the law and people think it is cool to break the laws and get away with it. If it was legal, less people would probably use it other than the people who really need it like for medical uses.

If you think about it, marijuana has many good qualities. It would help our economy and help people with medical issues like glaucoma and certain kinds of cancers.

The fact that marijuana is illegal is ridiculous. It could do so many great things for the state of Massachusetts.

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