Opening Saturday May 26 at the Known Gallery in Los Angeles, and running through June 9, this “LEGOlize It!” themed exhibit has been posited by the artists involved, according to a statement on their website, as a reaction to the recent cannabis crackdown in California. In fact, “in the wake of increasing raids on medical marijuana dispensaries by local, state and federal drug enforcement agencies,” these herbaly-inspired visionaries vow to offer “a perpetual ‘harvest’ of healing power… especially commodified to meet the addictions of anyone who has ever wanted to experience the transaction of purchasing medical marijuana – or fine art – at a legal business organization.”

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Naturally, here’s where we insert a joke to the effect that whoever wrote that statement must have smoked a LEGO bud first by mistake, except that the exhibit’s official description clearly concludes with the following in all caps: “NO SERIOUS MEDICAL CONDITION NECESSARY! THERE’S NOT A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE! NO MEDICAL MARIJUANA ID CARD? NO PROBLEM, MON!?WARNING: ART NOT FOR ACTUAL SMOKING…CHOKING HAZARD UNDER 3 YEARS OF AGE”

By the way, limited supplies of medical marijuana LEGO buds will be available for sale at the gallery. Since we’re talking about Los Angeles, expect the Kush strains to run out fast!

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