Weed - Malawi Gold: Marijuana Strain Review and Photos

Most recognize that the Malawi Gold [MG] marijuana strain has a similar origin as that of mankind. That being a relatively undisputed fact of its birth place in the Tanzania region of Africa. The reason for mentioning its region first is that this strain tends to take a relatively long time to hit its full maturity. While the genetics in this strain require patients of it cultivator, the payback in yield and dank product make it more than worth the wait.

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MG Nugs tend to be super dense, with bright orange to reddish pistils, with thickly coats of resin, sticky to the touch. These plants produce compact buds, accentuated with massive colas which can grow to be as large as two feet in length, by 24” circumference. A down side if you want to call it that, is that these plants tend to get so big that they need a “shoulder to lean” [supported] on towards the end of their life span. This last step is an attempt to keep their now overburdened stalks from snapping under the weight of this precious plants flower.

When these Redwood formed flowers of the Tanzania region, are left unmolested by the amateur botanist African Sativa’s can characterize one the worlds more exceptional and truest old school Sativa strains. As is true with most ladies, given room to grown she can produce an amazing outcome and product. Malawi Gold likes to spread her roots fast and cultivate thick stocks with fat stems in an attempt to handle her genetically know future task, of holding her massive flowers up off the grow medium. The scent that is most dominate for me in this strain is more of an earthly fragrance with piney overtones.

When growing Malawi Gold in a hydroponic system in a home garden – It’s always a good idea to try and maintain your grow environment around 80° F. While understanding the electricity is expansive, try and get the night time temps down around 65° F. The object in this last exercise is to try and simulate the environment from which MG calls “home”, therein the need to keep your humidity levels as comparable to a African sub-tropical environment as possible. The obvious elephant in the grow room problem here that you run a significant risk of jeopardizing your cultivation area with unwanted molds, mildews and microbes unless properly ventilated and dehumidified.  These ladies are “Gold Diggers” when it comes to nutrients. As a personal preference I tend to stay with the organic mixtures like worm casting and bat guano and push that agenda through to flower. While most are afraid to trim the lower three feet of branching, I find that MG does extremely well when grown in this fashion as it tends to improve the overall quality of your buds while reducing potential molds and trim time.

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As we can see marijuana has been forced into the shadows even in the remote Malawi outback.