Marijuana is the country’s number one cash crop. However, as a Niagara Falls man found out this weekend, pot hasn’t quite graduated to mainstream currency status just yet.

According to, a man ran up a $9.91 bill at a local Denny’s just after 2 a.m. Upon realizing that he didn’t have the cash, he offered the cashier a dollar and a bag of pot as payment.

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For some reason, the cashier wasn’t interested in the deal. At which point the gentlemen attempted to sell the pot to other customers in the Denny’s in order to raise the money for his bill.

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This also didn’t work out – either because the other diners weren’t interested or because the cashier decided to call the police. Either way, the man fled “into a nearby wooded area” in order to avoid the cops.

One of the employees at the Denny’s recognized the man and gave police his name. He was nowhere to be found when authorities visited his home. But, fear not Niagara Falls, the investigation is ongoing.