Phillip Leveque Doctor of Pharmacology

Schizophrenia must be painful…


Sticky, sweet-smelling sublime bud!

The Oregonian newspaper has been extremely critical about marijuana as medicine since it was legalized in 1999. It always has super snide remarks about POT, POTHEADS, POT DOCTORS, etc. The stories advertise the subject of marijuana as medicine and as a result, about 55,000 patients now have permits to grow, carry and use marijuana as medicine. We also have about 28,000 caregivers for those patients.

As far as The Oregonian is/was concerned, they were/are potheads, just using the medicine to get HIGH and watch Sesame Street all day. It has only been very recently that they even recognized and admitted that marijuana might have some slight medical use.

The new story on January 28 1013, ‘Oregon Marijuana Activists Are Urged to be Patient’, with a story quoting United States Representative Earl Blumenauer, of all people, who spoke positively about marijuana as safe, effective medicine. I am certain the editorial board, in their schizophrenia, choked or fainted when they read about Blumenauer’s support for medical marijuana.

At any rate, this is such a welcome change that very pleasantly impressed me, but it must have caused psychic pain at The Oregonian.

Blumenauer’s speech, of his strong support for reclassifying marijuana from Schedule 1 to almost any prescribable schedule, and correcting the banking rules used by the IRS which blocks production costs of marijuana businesses. He does suggest that Oregon state develop a system for overseeing medical marijuana. Surprise for him, we tried to do this with Measure 80, but lost by only three points. Measure 80 would have solved almost all problems. He asks for overseers of the medical program, who does he think might be the overseers? Certainly not police or others rabidly against the use of this very valuable medicine.

I guess that even Blumenauer does not recognize that marijuana IS medicine and much safer than the drugs it replaces such as morphine, Valium, antidepressants, etc., which all cause serious addictions or death by overdosing. Marijuana is the safest, most effective medicine ever discovered which was about 5,000 years ago.

Steve Fox of Marijuana Policy Project also spoke at the same meeting. He agreed that his organization would invest $700,000 as they did for Colorado and Washington’s successful legalization campaigns.

The Oregon State Legislature is now considering some sort of legalization with regulations and taxing solutions. Taxing like alcohol and cigarettes could bring in possibly $100 million or more per year in Oregon. They are currently taking money from the state Medical Marijuana accounts.