About a dozen demonstrators from Empire State NORML, the New York State chapter of the marijuana law reform group, gathered on the steps of City Hall yesterday in the spirit of a healthier St. Patrick’s Day. Specifically, they wanted to highlight the importance of alternative forms of intoxication during the green beer-bathed festivities.

“There is a safer alternative to pools of vomit in the streets,” said Doug Greene, the Legislative Director of Empire State NORML (ha—his name is “Greene”).

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The NYPD made more than 50,680 arrests for low-level marijuana offenses in 2011, once again making low-level pot possession the number one cause of arrest in NYC—which according to NORML cost the city $75 million (this all despite NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly specifically ordering officers to stop arresting people who bring small quantities of marijuana into open view during a stop-and-frisk).

Comparatively, 16 percent of New Yorkers reported binge drinking in a 30 day period in 2010.

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