Congratulations to the Michigan State Police for their Christmas Day raid on a basement marijuana patch. Their unflagging work in hunting down home gardens accomplishes what generations of alchemists could not.

They turn a common, easy to grow plant into pure gold. The more marijuana seized, the higher the price goes, drawing even more gardeners into the mix. More growers, more police, more raids. A perpetuating machine, never ending, never slowing down.

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Alchemy and perpetual motion sound good in principle, but they cannot succeed. They violate basic laws of nature.

Prohibition is no different. Prohibition drives up prices and it violates the law. As value goes up, suppliers are drawn into the market.

It is impossible to eradicate something by making it more valuable. That’s Econ 101.

Michigan cannot afford to continue funding this folly. It’s a big state and there are a lot of basements.

We could bleed the treasury dry and hire every unemployed worker in the state to join in the search, but there is no way we’ll stop those so inclined from growing marijuana.

It is time for the federal government to step forward and take on the responsibility for marijuana prohibition.

We’re broke here in Michigan; we can’t afford it. Passing this burden to the federal government where it more properly belongs makes good sense.

Or at least it makes more sense than paying state troopers overtime to pull up weeds on Christmas Day.

Greg Francisco/Paw Paw


News Hawk – 420 Warrior 420 MAGAZINE
Source: Kalamazoo Gazette (MI)
Author: Greg Francisco
Copyright: 2011 Kalamazoo Gazette