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It is becoming a panacea and even the first line drug for many conditions.

Like a Gunshot blast!
Pot in the US and Israel

(PORTLAND, OR) – Denver, the “Mile High City”, received highly beneficial TV and news advertising over the holidays about their ‘Club 64’ named after their legislative Bill, making marijuana totally legal. (So to speak). The DEA is sulking around Club 64. A $40 membership gives members access to the room but not to marijuana itself??? All members.

I thought Portland, Oregon had the first Cannabis Clubs in which Oregon cardholders could come and medicate. There are several now. Personally, I think there are hundreds of these “clubs” in ever state, legal or otherwise. Maybe Obama has told the DEA to cool it. Legislation permits are metastasizing like crazy with more states coming out of the closet as I write this.

The NY Times, January 2 2013, published a related article about Israel, ‘Studying Marijuana and its Loftier Purpose’, detailing research to enhance the usefulness of marijuana/cannabis medicinal chemicals for wider but more specific uses.

It is really strange that marijuana is still illegal in Israel and the US but the use of it is exploding in both countries. The Israeli army has been using marijuana for battle terrors and PTSD for at least ten years very successfully. Too bad the US Army won’t get out of the closet! In Israel now, about 11,000 civilians are using it and it is starting to be widely used in retirement homes for the elderly with various aches and pains for which it is very useful and safe.

Strangely enough, patients in the US possibly have been using marijuana for aging patients much longer, carried by the wave of Vietnam Veterans with all sorts of medical problems. It is becoming a panacea and even the first line drug for many conditions. It should be, because marijuana/cannabis is safer and more effective than most standard pharmaceuticals.

It is hopeful that the DEA goons will soon be out of business.