Are you connected to the Oregon legalization campaign?

We’ve already begun attracting supporters for the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act (OCTA), which will appear on the November ballot as Measure 80.1If passed, this law would regulate marijuana for people 21 and older, making it commercially available through state-licensed stores.

The campaign is working on all kinds of actions and events to spread the word about this initiative ahead of November and we want you to stay updated as well. Learn how you can help legalize marijuana in Oregon, by following OCTA on Facebook and Twitter.

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This is a common sense measure that would make Oregon safer and more fiscally solvent. It would bring in an estimated $140 million for the state, while freeing up Oregon police to combat serious crime.2This is something every Oregonian can get behind.

We’re going to do all we can to get this message out before November, but we need your help. Follow the campaign on Facebook and Twitter, and encourage friends and family to do the same. With your help we can make Oregon the first state in the nation to end marijuana prohibition.

Take a moment to like OCTA on Facebook, and follow the campaign on Twitter.

Thank you for your support. The dedication of volunteers and activists like yourself could make the difference this November.

In solidarity,

Brian Sonenstein
Campaign Director


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