A controversial bill stirred up media and government attention last month when it was announced that a proposition to legalize recreational use of marijuana has made Washington’s November ballot. The law will be the the first stepping stone to legalizing marijuana in the US if passed.

Washington’s prop I-502 will allow voters to decide whether marijuana will be completely legal for citizens to use much like alcohol and tobacco is, and 502 is seeing huge support as supporters of the legalization referendum outnumbered opponents 48% to 45%. Petitioners collected over 355,000 signatures to get I-502 on the ballot, and recent polls show a majority of citizens in support of 502. But Washington state isn’t walking this road alone. (Legal Recreational Marijuana may become reality in 2012)

Last Monday a similar bill qualified for Colorado’s November ballot taking this first step for the United States a little further. Much like Washington’s 502, the Colorado initiative will allow all citizens over the age of 21 to legally possess limited amounts of marijuana for all purposes. The motions of these bills mark a revolutionary era for pro marijuana supporters sending a message to the federal government about our want for marijuana rights, as supported by a recent Gallup poll which reports over 50% of Americans are for legalization.

The mass support behind the issue of legalizing cannabis and medical marijuana is so vest that presidential candidates and even the President himself are being forced to address the issue. Now voters hope to educate officials on their wants and rights by putting marijuana to the vote, regardless of what federal law says. Many agree whether their pro marijuana or not, that it’s relieving to see voters push the issue of states rights.

The recreational use of marijuana was defeated in California and will not be on Novembers ballot, but other states like Michigan, Montana and even Arizona are working on doing their part to join the revolution. Many other states are working on their versions of the bill for 2016, the marijuana revolution is not going away.

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