Bryan Watts illustrated very clearly that one of the worst things associated with cannabis ( marijuana ) is the discriminating punishment ( Marijuana use: Don’t think it can’t happen to your child, Jan. 27 ) doled out by prohibitionist government.

Cannabis prohibition is far worse than the relatively safe, extremely popular God-given plant itself.

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Watts testifies even though the plant can be stronger, people who use it are able to function very well.

Cannabis prohibition forces the black market to regulate the plant, which makes it easier to acquire than alcohol or cigarettes.

If the teen caught with cannabis receives a police record, that will further harm the individual more than the plant.

And that hurts everyone. Don’t forget, people who sell cannabis sometimes also sell hard drugs and that increases hard drug addiction rates.

If “your child” could be using cannabis, why force them into contact with people who also may have hard drugs?

It’s commendable to help youth stay away from cannabis, but caging responsible adults for using the plant is not only the wrong way to do it: it doesn’t work.

It’s obviously time to RE-legalize what God says is good on the very first page of the Bible.

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