Week 4 of bloom, Day 78 from seed…  UPDATE – Blackberry Harvested 6/14/2011 »

Counting our blessings, as everything is running very smoothly right now and I appreciate it.
Temperatures have been perfect, no insect invaders, no deficiencies to speak of, the Veg-Tent is greening up nicely, and everything in the Bloom-Room is booming!

Marijuana grow tutorial for beginners.

Marijuana blooming in a SCROG

A serene look at the chaotically lit canopy.

This SCROG (attempt) has taught me a great deal, the how’s and why’s of canopy management are becoming clearer. Most importantly, timing is everything when it comes to adding the screen and the “stretch” into bloom. I did mine a little too early, coupled with there has been little if any stretch.

Four weeks down, 5 to 7 more to finish...

At week 4, Blackberry #1's buds are on average 25% bigger than #2's

A sweet & exotic Sativa/Indica hybrid

Sativa dominant, these Blackberry phenotype have exhibited the best qualities of it's hybridization with an Indica strain.

Medical marijuana buds growing fatter by the day...

At day 28 of bloom, these Nirvana Blackberry are blooming as fast as I can throw nutrients & light at them.

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