For years we’ve heard tall tales from the government about the dreaded “gateway effect” of marijuana. ‘Try it and soon you’ll be hankering for a stronger high. Shortly thereafter, you’re a junkie on the street desperately seeking another fix.’

 I won’t go into the many reasons why this is an obvious fallacy based on specious logic. I’ll leave that to your own common sense. 

Grow guide for marijuana beginners.

Personally, I believe that marijuana can have the exact opposite effect; that smoking or vaporizing cannabis can actually become the saving grace in a hard-drug addict’s or alcoholic’s life.


 Anecdotally, I’ve seen this played out time and time again. I hear from and meet people on a weekly basis who use marijuana as their “anti-drug”, to appropriate a phrase from the prohibitionists. These are former hard drug addicts and alcoholics who quit using those poisons and now smoke pot as their only “vice”. They’re able to live normal lives and many credit their usage of marijuana with actually saving them from certain death. 

 I’d like to write an article in High Times about this subject but I need more first-hand accounts.  Are you or do you know anyone for whom marijuana was the gateway back? Post your story in the comments section below.