?If you’re one of those restless souls who doesn’t like to settle for the ordinary — that is, if any cannabis-laced treats can rightly be called “ordinary” — then Locals Social Club, a medical marijuana collective in Shoreline, has a treat for you. Never mind those pedestrian brownies, or those predictable cookies, or even that cannabinated Chex mix.

If you’re ready to blaze new trails of marijuana-medicated goodness, it’s time for the Chocolate Covered Frozen Cannabis Banana.

The Must Try legend.

I’d somehow never consumed a frozen banana in more than half a century on the planet, chocolate-covered, cannabis-laced, or otherwise. When budtender Nick recently introduced me to Locals’ great selection of inventive medibles, ticking items off his mental list, I had him stop a moment after he mentioned the bananas. “Can you you repeat that?” I said, not sure I’d heard him correctly.

?”Oh, the Chocolate Covered Frozen Cannabis Banana,” Nick said. “You’d really like one of those.”

When I unsheathed the banana from its protective red plastic covering, its full beauty became apparent to me. The milk chocolate coating was thickly covered with nuts and colorful sprinkles, and once I bit into the conglomeration, I realized Nick had been right. This was good, very good.

As with most medibles, expect the effects in 45 minutes to an hour; have only one banana then gauge the effects after an hour, rather than scarfing down two of them off the bat. (Of course, you’d be fine if you did that, just quite medicated; you can’t hurt yourself with marijuana.)

If sweets aren’t your thing, Locals Social Club has plenty of other choices, including savory finger-food munchies. Ask about the Whales’ Tails (basically, medicated Goldfish-type crackers). If you have dietary restrictions, Locals also carries sugar-free cupcakes and cranberry cookies.

Locals Social Club is at 938 N. 200th St., Suite B (upstairs), in Shoreline, telephone 629-4985. It’s open 10 a.m. until midnight Sunday through Thursday and 10 a.m. until 3 a.m. Friday and Saturday.

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