Here is a quick peak into out “Test Garden”.

We’re running a Hydroponics Hut Pro-Gro 180 and two Nirvana Blackberry cuttings and one White Widow was dropped in at week 3 from seed. The Blackberries are at week 4 of bloom ad the WW at week 3.

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Our test garden

Keeping within the legal number of plants makes testing difficult.

Nirvana Blackberry - Plant xA

Nirvana Blackberry - Plant xA, entering week 4 of bloom.

Nirvana Blackberry - Plant xB

Nirvana Blackberry - Plant xB, entering week 4 of bloom.

White Widow

This is the White Widow put into 12/12 at 21 days old, now at week 3 of bloom.


While not officially part of the Test Garden, some oddities…

Heidi Ho, a mystery seed.

Mystery seed - Looks as close to all Indica as one can get...