Rapid Fire Marketing (OTC Pink: RFMK) announced today that Medical Cannabis Management (MCM), has selected a producer for the new THC e-Cig and is beginning production. The new THC e-Cig is expected to be ready for the market within 30 days.

The name of the product will be revealed once trademark searches are complete. In addition, MCM is in negotiations with entities that will enable the new product to gain significant market share once on the market. Details regarding distribution channels will be announced once the agreements are signed.

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Benefits of an electronic THC e-Cig include:

Smokeless – the new e-Cig with THC will allow the patient to consume the product without all of the harmful effects of actual smoke.

Discreet and can be used anywhere – patients can use the e-Cig anywhere including an office or other public place. This eliminates the patient’s need to find a safe place to “light up” because they are not actually lighting up.

Eliminate the need to consistently keep inventory of medical cannabis – rather than using actual plant material, the THC is in an oil form that provides the same medical effects as the natural cannabis plant.

Professional product – the new THC e-Cig will be a professional product with a high level of quality control. Product and packaging will be professionally done specifically for the medical cannabis market.

“We worked right through the holidays to get our producer finalized and get into production with our new THC e-cig,” said Mike Amezquita, CEO of MCM. “We expect to make further announcements soon regarding distribution of the product. We are very encouraged and excited about the opportunities in this part of the business,” said Amezquita.

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