Personally, I hope the smell stinks up the whole rotten town.  This article from the Examiner gives more details:

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Illustration: Oren neu dag (CC)

One of the biggest expenses the medical marijuana lobby has had to face is the cost getting US Congressmen and Senators out of town for a medical marijuana dispensary tour.

That expense was eliminated today with the unanimous passage of Initiative 59 by the Washington DC Council.

Currently, 14 states have effective medical marijuana laws and more than a dozen others are considering them. In November, South Dakotans will vote on a medical marijuana ballot initiative, and Arizona is expected to have one on the ballot as well. Eighty-one percent of Americans support medical marijuana laws, according to a January ABC News/Washington Post poll.

But getting federal legislation passed and changing DEA and FDA regulations has been up to the US Congress and the US Senate. For example, the AMA recommended last October to move medical marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule II. However because the DEA and FDA regulate that schedule and the set of federal laws around marijuana, technically the 14 states that have enacted the medical marijuana laws are currently in violation of federal laws.

Initiative 59 a 1998 ballot measure that was approved by Washington DC voters was blocked by the Barr Amendment in 1999. Since Washington DC’s budget must be approved by Congress, the ballot measure was not by Congress until the Obama administration passed it this past fall.

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