Choose Marijuana over Alcohol Billboard

A strategically placed pro-cannabis legalization billboard sponsored by Colorado’s Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol – aka Yes on 64 – has garnered some national attention.

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The billboard depicts a smiling woman (who slightly resembles actress Laurie Metcalf) juxtaposed next to the large-print message: “For many reasons, I prefer… marijuana over alcohol. Does that make me a bad person?

The billboard stands just a few hundred yards from Sports Authority Field at Mile High, home of the NFL’s Denver Broncos, a place where thousands upon thousands of beers and other alcoholic drinks are consumed whenever the Broncos have a home game. The billboard is also wisely located within view of customers of Mile High Liquors, which drives home the campaign’s point a little more persuasively.

The billboard also came at a relatively cheap price – only $5000.

The Yes on 64 billboard is the latest tool being employed by campaign activists that seek to pass the ballot initiative this November.

As the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol states on its website: “We are not suggesting that marijuana is better than alcohol. We are simply asserting that there are many good reasons to use marijuana instead of alcohol. Some people, however, are stuck in their beliefs and haven’t considered that marijuana may be a rational alternative to alcohol.”

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