Nick Diaz‘s long struggle to clear his name and to be allowed to begin fighting again took an agressive turn as the fighter’s lawyer, Ross Goodman, filed a lawsuit against the Nevada State Athletic Commission. As previously reported, Diaz tested positive for marijuana in a drug test for his fight at UFC 143 in early February. Since then, Diaz and Goodman have spoken out against the NSAC, noting that marijuana is not among the banned substances listed by the commission. In addition, Diaz is a registered medical marijuana patient in California.

And, though Diaz has been awaiting his day in court, Goodman’s lawsuit seeks to end this debacle sooner rather than later. As reported by Yahoo, the lawsuit is “claiming that the constant delays have violated Diaz’s rights in regard to a timely proceeding to hear his arguments for the temporary suspension, and asking for a full dismissal of charges after the lengthy delay.”

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As this situation has now gone on for several months, it is easy to understand Diaz’s point of view, as he just wishes to get back to fighting and continue on with his life. The agressive nature of Diaz’s legal team indicates a certain confidence, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see an end to this story in the coming days.

Will Nick Diaz’s potential suspension be dropped? Are you surprised that this situation has gone on as long as it has?