Excerpt from The Republic:

US Attorney breaks silence on Montana medical marijuana crackdown, says probe will go on

HELENA, Mont. — The Justice Department has broken its long silence about last year’s crackdown on medical marijuana operations in Montana, with U.S. Attorney Michael Cotter saying more than two dozen people have been indicted so far and that prosecutions will continue.

The statement released by the U.S. Attorney’s Office is the agency’s first since a single press release was sent the day after the March 14, 2011, raids on 26 homes, offices and businesses that effectively stymied the state’s once-booming medical pot trade.

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Then, federal prosecutors said the warrants were part of a long-running investigation into drug trafficking.

More than a year later, prosecutors have provided their first update on the investigation, saying more than 25 people have been indicted on federal drug charges related to the raids and 12 people have been sentenced.

The fallout is still happening, with another recent round of arrests, indictments and plea deals.

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Cotter said prosecutors will keep targeting large-scale marijuana operations.

John Entwistle notes: As difficult as the situation is the path out is actually very clear. Re(de)scheduling. That’s the only way out of this maze. Currently we have two options for federal rescheduling. First, the Barney Frank Bill (HR 1983) & Second, the State Governor’s Rescheduling Petition. This is difficult, potentially time consuming but technically speaking the job ain’t over ‘till cannabis is removed from schedule I of the CSA.