After long delays and much hand wringing, the Atty. Gen. for Montana who finally begins to make its case today before the state Supreme Court that all Montana medical marijuana sales should be halted in the state if they are done for commercial purposes. It looks as though Jim Malloy, Montana’s assistant attorney general, is all revved up and ready to fire back that Judge James Reynolds allegedly improperly blocked the key portion of the growing medical marijuana law which was passed by the legislature late 2011.

The marijuana law that is at the center of this debate would impose a set of limitations on just who can and cannot possess and help to dispense medicinal pot within the state of Montana. The Republican led government facilitated in the passing of the 2004 MMJ law after then Gov. Brian Schweitzer vetoed the total cancellation of the medical marijuana approved initiative which was intended to facilitate the growing of medicinal weed in Montana.

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Well, despite all of that – the medical marijuana supporters in the state of Montana continue to cultivate strong support within the legislature. Many complain that this is a compromise meant to control the marijuana industry that many in the Legislature believe to have grown out of proportion after the ’09 victory. After the US Justice Department said that it would not prosecute marijuana patients that followed all Montana State medical marijuana laws, the number of medical marijuana patients who registered as users in the state of Montana had skyrocketed from the 2, 000+ number to its lofty heights of nearly 30,000+ marijuana patients last year

Once the Montana cannabis Association caught wind of the changes that were being implemented to the marijuana law — they challenged the constitutionality of those changes.

An issue seems to be how the specific law wants to target marijuana and single it out from those other types of known medications, that are applied in special treatment situations – many believe this tramples on the doctor patient confidentiality relationship.