Hydroponics Hut just released an updated line of their Pro-Grow LED grow lights!

Something good just got even better! Hydroponics Hut just took the wraps off their updated line of Professional LED grow lights, announcing a new and impressive 14 band spectra that kicks both vegetative/rooting as well as amazing blooming abilities! In addition to the 14 Spectra Pro-Grow LED grow lights, was the release of the Pro-Grow 400! I have a new item on my wish list!!!

The results of Perfect lighting!

The UV/IR bands really bring out the trichome (resin) production!

Marijuana grow tutorial for beginners.

Pro-Grow 400

  • 14-Band LED Grow System featuring UV + IR
  • 17,000 lumen + 3-Watt HO Chip-set
  • Dimensions: 19″ long x 12.5″ wide x 3′ deep
  • Power Consumption: 240w (full illumination mode)
  • Effective Coverage Area: (42 Square Feet) (3.9 Square Meters)
  • Operating Temp: -4F~ + 104F
  • World-Wide Voltage: 110V North American ~ 240v European (All Pro-Grow models can be used world-wide without the need of a converter)
  • Weight: 19 lbs

This unit provides an extremely wide coverage area while simply sipping electricity, even while under full illumination mode. The Pro-Grow 400 panel is simply fantastic for flowering. Vegtable growers will be pleased with this units ability to produce beautiful tomatoes and their favorite foods with ease.

Grow Weed Easy!

The additional spectra makes a great light even better!

The additional spectra makes a great light even better!

The entire Pro-Grow series of LED grow lights have been tested head to head against respective HID (High Pressure Sodium) systems, producing results fanstastic enough for our clients to be featured in High Times Pix of the Crop section (See Oct 2011 issue)

Great coverage & light penetration from the Pro-Grow LED grow light

The Pro-Grow 180's ability to cover AND penetrate is awesome!

Pro-Grow 400: 14-Band LED Grow System featuring UV + IR »