While it is hard to debate that the New Jersey government, including Governor Chris Christie, is to blame for the two-year delay in New Jersey getting its medical marijuana program up and running, now the Governor is firing back at the state’s first authorized place to grow weed.

“Stop complaining and get back to work,” said Christie in regards to Joe Stevens, the CEO of Greenleaf Compassion Center. Stevens is the first person to get the golden permit to begin his weed growing operation in New Jersey. According to NJ.com, “Stevens said Monday he was unsure if Greenleaf would immediately proceed with growing. Lingering doubts about the program’s future, Stevens said, made him hesitant to plant without any guarantee of when the patients would receive access to the program.”

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By calling out Stevens for dragging his feet at beginning his grow, Christie is attempting to remove the stigma that his government has received by dragging their feet much worse for the past couple years. But, still, for the prospective patients of New Jersey, you would think it would be best for both sides to put their gripes aside and begin the program that the people voted for.

Christie further attacked Stevens by noting that “he (Stevens) knows what the requirements are. He hasn’t met all the requirements yet. So, you know, I’m not going to get in a tit for tat with him about what he hasn’t done.”

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And, though it appears that New Jersey’s medical marijuana program is going forward, don’t expect anything like what we get out west, as Christie makes clear:

We do not want to become Colorado or California. We don’t want to have that type of program here. I want to have a compassionate program that makes this available for people in New Jersey who have no other alternative and who can find relief from their pain. I do not want this to become a cottage industry for unscrupulous doctors who will write prescriptions no matter what and for folks who might run these facilities who care more about profit than they care about compassionate care for individual citizens who qualify for it.

Should Greenleaf Compassion Center start their growing or do they have valid points? Is the New Jersey Governor just trying to defer blame?