Excerpt from NorthJersey.com (Apr 26, 2012):

Jagar is among four local doctors who have been approved by the state to prescribe medical marijuana, but none of the companies that were approved to dispense the marijuana when the law was passed more than two years ago have yet been permitted to do so. Most still do not have a facility to operate out of as the municipalities that they have been approved to operate in have had their zoning and planning boards turn down applications. The only one with a home, which is in Montclair, was given a permit last week to begin growing marijuana, but has not yet been permitted to sell it.

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The law, which was signed in January 2010, allows for six alternative treatment centers (ATCs) across the state, two in each of the three districts (north, central and south) to dispense marijuana to qualified patients who have a prescription from a doctor who is in the program’s physician registry. The patients themselves must too hold an identification card from the program. A patient would be eligible to receive a maximum of two ounces of marijuana each month with a level of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, not exceeding 10 percent.

John Entwistle notes: This is an interesting article for those following events in the garden state. to read, just click the “source” link below.