The path for medical marijuana’s legalization in New York City cleared its initial hurdle last Thursday after the City Council voted in favor of a resolution for two bills that would make cannabis available to patients in the Empire State. While this isn’t the first time such a resolution has been passed on to Albany (where the state Senate now controls the bill), the support was overwhelmingly in favor of the bills, with a supporting vote of 44-3.

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The Senate, however,  is controlled by Republicans, who are likely to veto this pending bill. If you’re a patient in the NYC area, you can support legalization by checking out the Marijuana Policy Project here and signing its petition. New York City is the most important sector of America yet to legalize medical cannabis–when if that domino falls, the floodgates will likely open. While possession is currently decriminalized in Manhattan, there are still an excess of petty arrests (and targeted at minorities) that take place on a daily basis and have been the center of some controversy.  [TheFix]

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