Day 38 of Flowering, Week 12 from seed.

The plants are consuming double the water (about 1 gallon to 1.5 gallons a day), as when under the Pro-Grow LEDs. Nutrient up take has also increased, though not anywhere in proportion to the water uptake.

The Must Try legend.

For now I just try and read the plants, as an assisting monitor to common sense and good plant care. Not too concerned with nitrogen deficiency signs, but the symptoms of a lack of enough phosphorus, I have begun to address carefully, as it is so easy to over do the phosphorus.

Like a Gunshot blast!

Bud size comparison to a 8.4oz Red Bull can.

Day 38 of Bloom, 28 - 42 more to go. Thankfully they are getting fatter by the week too.

Medical Marijuana Cola Day 38 of Flowering, Week 12 from seed.

So far, so good! The budding Blackberry plants adjust to the HPS lighting, as do I in regard to maintaining proper temps and nutrient levels.