Day 66 of bloom… Day 84 of 12/12… Day 105 from seed…

The Blackberry plants from Nirvana Seeds are done, 9 and a half weeks of bloom (11 weeks 12/12) was all it took.

Grow guide for marijuana beginners.

This marijuana strain averages a 9 to 11 week bloom time, so we’re in like flint! More Indica dominant strains usually only need 7 to 9 weeks.

Blackberry #1 was prime! I use the trichome color as an indicator of when to harvest. Upon checking the trichomes on her buds, they were about 80% milky, with the remaining a mix of amber and clear. Blackberry #2 could easily have gone another 1 to 2 weeks, her trichomes ware 60%milky, 40% clear, but seeing how she is plenty potent, I want her on the fresher side of peak, to maximize the “uplifting rush” often associated with Sativa highs.

2 Nirvana Blackberry marijuana plants harvested.

Blackberry #1 on the left, Blackberry #2 on the right.

When to harvest, is a very personal preference, it is trying to time the peak of size, appearance & potency (percentage of THC) I have yet to be able to let a plant bloom out for as long as I want, circumstances usually dictate the final harvest date.

A Fat, sticky, freshly harvested marijuana bud.

One of the larger colas from Blackberry #1.

A trio of Blackberry buds just harvested.

A tri-cluster of fat nuggets off of Blackberry #2

Trimmed medical marijuana buds

All of the prime pieces of Blackberry #2, trimmed & ready to dry.

freshly harvested buds are manicured prior to drying

The best buds & colas off of Blackberry #1

All of these buds are very dense and will take several days to dry enough to be broken down and moved to the curing jars.

I’m eager to see what the final weight  will be. This is probably the smallest harvest so far, as I’m expecting not much more than 3 ounces of medical grade marijuana, but time will tell.