Between the Pro-Grow LED grow lights, and 3 differing spectra of CFLs, the buds are fattening up at a wonderful pace.

2 marijuana plants form dense buds early on, in the bloom stage.

A prism like array of LED and CFL light spreads across the canopy.

This is BB #2. Her buds are about 15% smaller than BB #1’s are, but the trichome (resin) production is noticeably higher. There is still a lot of time left till the finish, and I expect much more growth prior to the last week or two.

Trichomes form in abundance on lower buds on the cola.

The undersides of the colas on BB# 2, reveal a forest of trichomes.

The hardest part I’m having now is the decision & action of trimming fan leaves from the young buds to allow more overall light in to the canopy.

Medical marijuana buds maturing under LED grow lights

Perhaps I left a too much lower growth...Oh well, If it looked dense, I left it.

Beyond the contrasts I stated earlier, both plants are for the most part, very similar in appearance to the casual looker. Their aromas are nearly identical, I really have to focus in to tell the difference. The buds are pretty shaggy, as a higher leaf to calyx ratio they appear to have, it could also just be that the calyxes have yet to swell & mature. Either way with their current trichome production, I’m not too worried.

Young buds already getting very sticky

Side by side it's hard to tell the two plant's buds apart.

Sticky, sweet-smelling sublime bud!