The specs

  • Blue Mystic on Harvest day

    Nirvana Blue Mystic on harvest day

    Environment: Indoor Closet Grow, Tent (3′ x 2′ x 5′ ) w/ 190cfm fan + carbon filter, Rh: 57%, High: 73ºF, Low: 64º

  • Aero/DWC/Bubbles: 6 gallon reservoir, pH 5.7-6.2, Avg res temp 71ºF
  • Nutrients: Stealth Hydro included (Bloom, Micro & Bloom) used at 50% on res change, 50% added throughout as needed.
  • 2oz. Hydrogen peroxide, added daily
  • Solution replacement intervals: 7-10 days
  • Pests: None so far (seen anyway).
  • Lighting: 18/6 light period.
    Day 1 – 9: CFLs (6 – 23W, 6500k abd 2 – 23W 2700k),
    Day 10: Switched to Hydroponics Hut’s Pro-Grow LEDs (230W total)
    Day 21: Added in the new Hydroponics Hut’s PG 180W (270W total)

The Strain Chosen: (5 feminized seeds) Nirvana’s Blue Mystic Seeds, ordered end of August and received Beginning of September (2010) Stored 2 months on site.
Seeded Oct 31, 5 out of 5 sprouted between Nov 2nd and 3rd.

From Nirvana Seeds:

Description Blue Mystic was especially selected for its soft blue hues, which appear roughly halfway into flowering. Blue Mystic grows in a very similar manner to Northern Light, showing all the desirable qualities of that marijuana strain, with the added appeal of its own colourful appearance and the faintly berry-like aftertaste of its smoke. Compared to many other marijuana strains, Blue Mystic maintains a neutral smell while growing.
Indica / Sativa: Predominantly Indica
Plant type: Indoor as well as Outdoor
Plant height: Short
Effect: Stoned (body buzz, relaxing effect)
Flavour: fruity / herbal
Average yield: 200 – 300 (g/m² in SOG)
Flowering period: 5 – 7 weeks
White strain: Yes
Medical: No
Feminized: Yes

Data from: Nirvana Shop »

The Grow: Began Week 1 of November, 2010

Nirvana Blue Mystic seedlings - Day 12 from seed

Nirvana’s Blue Mystic, 5 seedlings – Day 12 from seed

Blue Mystic under LED Grow Lights

Nirvana Blue Mystic seedlings at 29 days old.

Thus far the traits of Blue Mystic have been amazing. From the subtle hints of purples & blue berry tones, to the very fat, Indica like leaf structure that thin out to a more sativa like leaf on the branches. I can only imaging the non-auto strain to be even more beautiful.


Hydroponic Hut's Pro-Grow LED grow lights

The Pro-Grow 140w (left), and the new Pro-Grow 180w (right), from Hydroponics Hut

Well update really… The new Pro-Grow 180W LED from HH arrived yesterday, I got it set up and took some comparison shots to their previous model the PG 140.

Indica hybrid seedlings

Spectral differences though subtle, make a big difference to the plants

The blue/white spectrum is definitely cranked up on the new model.
I’m impressed, there are definitely more improvements than just higher wattage diodes. I believe the lens angle is the same (90º), but light output is more intense.

Nirvana Blue Mystic, Medical Marijuana

5 Blue Mystic, Medical Marijuana Plants – Day 24 from seed

Medical Marijuana growing under LED grow lights

The growth has exploded since adding in the new Pro-Grow LED grow light

I’m still using the grow nutrients, but may switch to bloom nutrients by the next reservoir change. Beyond replacing res water, they seem to be on auto-pilot.

Let’s see… Did a reservoir change this past Sunday, added a regiment of foliar spraying diluted FF Grow Big every other day or so.

Thrilled with the lighting coverage since switching to the Pro-Grow 140w to the 180w. Ben at Hydroponics Hut (our lighting vendor) said that I’d see a big boost in vegetation, he’s absolutely correct. It’s kicking booty now, but the proof is in the bloom and if it blooms anything like the 140w it replaces, well be sitting pretty.
Day 53 from seed, Day 12 of 12/12

Blue Mystic Grow

Blue Mystic Grow – Day 53: Day 12 of bloom.

Some of the phenotypes are really hitting the stretch, easily 3-4cm of growth a day, Others are staying tight & compact, but all are in stages of bloom
Space is now a precious commodity.

These are from days 59 – 67 (Days 18 – 27, 12/12)
Up till this point the SH nutrients included with the ———– kit has done well and been very easy to use. I’ve had to supplement P & K with a 1/2 dose of Beastie Bloom as of this week, but all is well.

Their aroma(s) are quite unique, each plant but one similar, kind of like a vaguely familiar spice, but you can’t quite pinpoint it.

Re-vamped the fan/ carbon filter positioning. Needed desperately to get a few more inches of headroom, and thanks to the wonderful lady in my life, the lights can’t move any higher ,but they are at the maximum height and should be good for the rest of the grow. (crossed fingers… knocks on wood)

Things looking good at the top…

Day 24 of 12/12 Just beautiful!

Day 24 of 12/12 Just beautiful!

The Bloom – Week 5 (11 weeks overall)

View from the top

Meanwhile within the canopy… infant nuggets coated with trichomes

We also began the girls on StealthHydro’s “High-Feed” nutrients last week’s reservoir change in addition to a little taste of Beastie Blooms as needed.

Day 88 from seed, day 46 of bloom…

Day 88 from seed, day 46 of bloom

Sadly this morning, during the reservoir change, my girlfriend discovered that Top-Right, the second sativa-like plant was spotted with seeds throughout its right side. Though I could find no male flowers on her, or any of the others, I decided to pull her. I theorized, based on the seed disbursal pattern as the plants on the left showed seeding only on 2 clusters (the two nearest Top-Right), that Top-Right was the pollinator. It’s really sad because she was the most trichome coated of the group and was at least 3 weeks out from primetime.

As to the others, best we can hope, based on a close inspection, is that they are fine.

Most of the buds on Top-Left appear nearly mature, a week, two tops to harvest, trichomes are clouding up, there are a few seeds on 2 smaller tops. Top-Left is the biggest, most aggressive plant and ff there is any decent yield to be had, it’s coming from her.

Unbelievable trichome production.

Marijuana grow tutorial for beginners.

The Early Cut…
Top-Right, the suspected hermaphrodite was chopped, manicured & dried.
Total yield – 16 grams
E.S.R (early smoke report) – Neutral on the inhale with a very “oily”, honey/floral on the exhale. She hits fast & hard.

Blue Mystic – Trichome close-up of the early cut.

Day 98 from seed. Top-Left is beginning to wind down & thicken up.

Nirvana Blue Mystic: Day 56 of 12/12. One of the lower branch colas, densely covered in trichomes

Nirvana Seeds, Straight from the Source!

This was from Sunday Feb, 13 2010
We are at week 9 of 12/12, Top-Mid and Low-Left got the chop today, Trichs on them started changing last week, and exponentially every day since. The timing seemed right, so after re-checking them, It was go! A quick cut and rough trim and into the box to dry.

The remans of Top-Mid and Low-Left

The remains of Top-Mid and Low-Left

The Remaining two Blue Mystics heading into week week 9 of 12/12.

The Remaining two Blue Mystics heading into week week 9 of 12/12.

Top-Left and Low-Right are the two that made the most of their spaces early. No new growth on TL, her trichs are mostly clear, but the change seems to be kicking in. Low-Right is really close as well, but just may be adding a list-ditch effort to procreate, as I noticed several new white hairs popping up on some of the main buds. The one seed she has (that I can see anyway), is nearly ripe as well.

Blue Mystic - Medical Cannabis

Nothing remarkably massive, but there are quite a few of there little tops.

The update: 
Friday, February 18 Early smoke report… 
Low-Left: She was clipped 60/40% milky/clear.

  • Yield: 12 grams, manicured.
  • Smoke: Very mild almost neutral, but smooth & pleasant on the inhale. Expands in the chest gently, and I get a head rush on the exhale with a faint diesel-fuel aroma.
  • Effect: A head-trip (for sure) and body mix, comes on like a lion and out like a lamb. Spacey & energetic.

Top-Mid: 80% Milky, 20% clear/ambering

The Original Cash Crop: bushy, tasty, frosty!
  • Yield: 7 grams, manicured.
  • No reports yet, I’m trying to let her cure out in the jar for at least 2 weeks. (wish me luck on that…)

Life has thrown some challenges into the mix offer the past few weeks, so this past weekend, after a close inspection of trichomes the decision was made to chop. (I heeded your words as long as possible, ——-! )

Harvest Morning…

Medical Marijuana grow - Blue Mystic on Harvest day

Top-Left and Low-Left on their harvest day

Low-Right has really begun to smell. Not just in the mornings, but reeking all day and night too. Her trichs were a mix of milky, dotted with amber & clears.

Blue Mystic Phenotype #2, Medical Cannabis Grow

Not the biggest buds I’ve grown, but the most aromatic & trichome coated ever!

Top-Left’s trichs were strangely clear till the last two days or so, then bam! I would liked to have let her go a little bit longer as I wanted an amber heavy effect, but decisions had to be made and testing shows she couch-locks very well as is.

Blue Mystic Harvest

Everything was pointing to harvest, the aromas were peak, the trichomes milky, it was a good day!

A down & dirty cut (almost whole stocks & branches), rough manicure of all non sugar-leaf, then hung to dry at 75ºF, 58% RH.

I apologize for not photo-documenting the harvest or manicuring, but life was crazy, and my hands were really, really sticky. Too sticky to touch the camera, then a fellow friend and care-giver gave me her tip of using non-latex gloves. When done, put the gloves in the freezer and in a few hours the accumulated resins flake off the glove material.

Between Monday & Tuesday the buds were removed from the hangers, trimmed proper (well, the way I like it anyway), and packed into jars to equalize moisture content.

Blue Mystic, Harvested, Dried & Curing

In a rare moment of winter sunshine, I took the opportunity to be outdoors.

Top-Left: 70+ grams prime in cure, with an additional 10g of small (fingertip size), fluffier buds that are so resiny, they were saved from the shake bag and currently line the bottom of the med box.

Low-Right: 34 grams of amazing stuff curing. She has a lower calyx to leaf ratio than any of her siblings, but is so sticky I didn’t mind. Loses bag appeal to some as it is a bit leafy, but the powdery residue or trichomes collecting at the bottom of the jar is testimony to her true essence. Between the scissors, fingertips, pans, screens & jar bottoms we managed to scrape, rub & press just over .5g of wicked-awesome hash off her alone.

I lost track of which buds of Low-Right had seeds. I did stumble across two gorgeous little buggers, that weren’t the ones I’d been tracking, so “Bonus Prizes!”

My fave blanket seemed the perfect backdrop…

Over 4oz top-shelf medical buds, 2oz frosted-shake, and a sticky marble of scissor/finger/powder hash.

Over 4oz top-shelf medical buds, 2oz frosted-shake, and a sticky marble of scissor/finger/powder hash. Somehow the “Tijuana” blanket seemed an appropriate backdrop…

I love my stainless jar because it makes for cool pics! (and I can drop it with out shattering)

Spoils of the harvest, headed to cure for a few weeks.

Spoils of the harvest, headed to cure for a few weeks.

In terms of a better dry/cure than the bubblelicious grow, these finished flowers are leaps ahead in quality. I took a page or two from others on the subject of curing and adapted my process to it.


I really would like to thank you all! Without the tips, knowledge and support offered up from you all, I’d still be in the stone-age regarding growing technology. If anyone wants to know more about stuff I used in the grow(s), feel free to give me shout! Cameras, nutrients, any questions about the LED grow lights that I can’t answer it, Hydroponics Hut can! Same for the Bubble/DWC hydro set-up, If I don’t know the answer, I’m sure I know someone who does!