Blue Mystic - Trichome close-up

Nirvana Blue Mystic, Phenotype #2, Name: Top-Right, first to harvest


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2nd Blue Mystic Phenotype - Top-Right. She's a low yielder, but the quality was stellar!

Top-Right was cut at roughly day 46 of bloom (day 86 from seed), yielding 16 high-quality grams for being so young.

She was a veritable trichome factory, and most trichomes were crystal clear, so needless to say, her hits pack a nice energetic head-high, with a hint of diesel & honey on the palate.

Her tips had just begun to turn purplish, it was a real shame to cut her early, but i had no other issues with male flowers or new seeds after she was gone.

It’s difficult to give her a proper rating, not the best, but damn good. Far better than some bags I’ve paid hard earned cash for.



Pheno #3, Top-Mid was the first to mature properly, she was cut last week 80%+ milky trichomes.

Nirvana Blue Mystic - Medical Cannabis Grow

Nirvana Blue Mystic - Phenotype #3 at Day 37 of bloom.

Top-Mid and it’s matching phenotype sister Low-Left, were both overgrown by their neighbors. Top-mid was definitely the runt (much to my surprise) and offered up only 7 manicured grams of extremely fine, almost “top-shelf” medical quality… almost. With a good curing, I’m sure she’d continue to improve, but I don’t think she’s gonna last that long 😉

Both Top-Mid and Low-Left offer very hard hitting Indica dominant highs. Top-Mid hits hard and quick, with a great mix of head and body effects. Great for aiding in sleep, and general body pains.

Taste is neutral (as expected, they aren’t cured yet), but shows promise. Light berry tastes with full bodied smoke, or sweet and fruity/floral in the vaporizer.

Top-Mid is good for chilling on the couch or nap/sleeping.
Low-Left’s effect is a bit more uplifting, making it easier to stay on task and do work, than when on a hit or two of Top-Mid.

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