Life has thrown some challenges into the mix offer the past few weeks, so this past weekend, after a close inspection of trichomes the decision was made to chop.

We’ve come to the end of the growing portion, and on to drying, manicuring & curing…

Marijuana grow tutorial for beginners.

Medical Marijuana grow - Blue Mystic on Harvest day

Top-Left and Low-Left on their harvest day


Top-Left’s trichs were strangely clear till the last two days or so, then bam! I would liked to have let her go a little bit longer as I wanted an amber heavy effect, but decisions had to be made and testing shows she couch-locks very well as is.

Everything was pointing to harvest, the aromas were peak, the trichomes milky, it was a good day!

Low-Right has really begun to smell. Not just in the mornings, but reeking all day and night too. Her trichs were a mix of milky, dotted with amber & clears.

Blue Mystic Phenotype #2, Medical Cannabis Grow

Not the biggest buds I've grown, but the most aromatic & trichome coated ever! And she provided a few seeds too!

Did a down & dirty cut (almost whole stocks & branches), rough manicure of all non sugar-leaf, then hung to dry at 75ºF, 58% RH.

My apologies for not photo-documenting the harvest or manicuring, but life was crazy, and my hands were really, really sticky. Too sticky to touch the camera, then a fellow friend and care-giver gave me her tip of using non-latex gloves. When done, put the gloves in the freezer and in a few hours the accumulated resins flake off the glove material.

Between Monday & Tuesday the buds were removed from the hangers, trimmed proper (well, the way I like it anyway), and packed into jars to equalize moisture content.

Blue Mystic, Harvested, Dried & Curing

In a rare moment of winter sunshine, I took the opportunity to be outdoors.

Top-Left: 70+ grams prime in cure, with an additional 10g of small (fingertip size), fluffier buds that are so resiny, they were saved from the shake bag and currently line the bottom of the med box.

Low-Right: 34 grams of amazing stuff curing. She has a lower calyx to leaf ratio than any of her siblings, but is so sticky I didn’t mind. Loses bag appeal to some as it is a bit leafy, but the powdery residue or trichomes collecting at the bottom of the jar is testimony to her true essence. Between the scissors, fingertips, pans, screens & jar bottoms we managed to scrape, rub & press just over .5g of wicked-awesome hash off her alone.

I lost track of which buds of Low-Right had seeds. I did stumble across two gorgeous little buggers, that weren’t the ones I’d been tracking, so “Bonus Prizes!”

My fave blanket seemed the perfect backdrop…

Nirvana seeds, staight from the source!

Over 4oz top-shelf medical buds, 2oz frosted-shake, and a sticky marble of scissor/finger/powder hash.

Over 4oz top-shelf medical buds, 2oz frosted-shake, and a sticky marble of scissor/finger/powder hash. Somehow the "Tijuana" blanket seemed an appropriate backdrop...

Marijuana grow tutorial for beginners.

I love my stainless jar because it makes for cool pics! (and I can drop it with out shattering)

Spoils of the harvest, headed to cure for a few weeks.

Spoils of the harvest, headed to cure for a few weeks.

Like a Gunshot blast!

n terms of a better dry/cure than the bubblelicious grow, these finished flowers are leaps ahead in quality. I took a page or two from others on the subject of curing and adapted my process to it.

If you haven’t seen Irish Boy’s tips for curing, I suggest it! This is a repost of the original…A simple process for curing…

Well, I’ll post up early smoke reports and the official weights in coming days.

I would like to thank the many friends I’ve made over the months for offering up advice and tips (saving my butt on a few occasions)!

A HUGE shout out to Hydroponics Hut for letting us kick the tires on their 2011 PRO-GROW SERIES, 180w LED Grow Light. If you are in need of quality lighting for semi-stealthy closet grows (2-3 plants), you can bank on the Pro-Grow 180w to perform as promised!
If anyone wants to know more about stuff I used in the grow(s), feel free to give me shout! Cameras, nutrients, any questions about the Pro-Grow Series of LED Grow Lights that I can’t answer, I’m sure Ben at Hydroponics Hut would be happy to! Same for the Bubbleponics set-up , If I don’t know the answer, I’m sure I know someone who does!

Over the next week, we’re adding a new, slightly larger tent and getting ready for the next grow…

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