Mid week 3 of bloom for our latest “Eldorado, Mexican Sativa” from Nirvana Seeds.

Nirvana Eldorado, Week 3 Bloom

Our latest Eldorado Mexican from Nirvana Seeds.

Budding is fast & furious up high on the plant. Eldorado is a good strain to trim or “lollipop” the lower growth, as it allows the plant to concentrate resources on the blooms in full light.

The Original Cash Crop: bushy, tasty, frosty!

Nirvana Eldorado, Week 3 Bloom

Side branch, Nirvana Eldorado.

Bud tips on lower, side branches stay dense so long as they remain in direct light. The leaf pattern and canopy quickly chokes out any light that tries to reach the innermost parts.

Nirvana Eldorado, Week 3 Bloom

Main cola, Nirvana Eldorado

Nirvana Eldorado, Week 3 Bloom

Eldorado cola, week 3 bloom

I’m not sure if it’s the soil I use,  my relative humidity, or what, but my phenotypes don’t always quite match with the breeder’s specs are.

If Eldorado is indeed a pure landrace Sativa, it’s more reminiscent of early 70s Thai or “elephant” than what strings to mind in retro High Times issues, of decades long gone of early 70’s Mexican marijuana. What you see here is the average phenotype out of 10 of 24+ seeds thus far.

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Here is another Eldorado of past », about the same stage in bloom too …