Free Marijuana Seeds from Nirvana Seeds

In addition to the Bubblelicious I ordered, in came 15 FREE mystery seeds!

Got in yesterday to find the “Bubblelicious” seeds ordered last sunday the 18th were waiting for me, and what’s more…there were a pack of the December Freebie Mystery Seeds included! Bouns Prizes!! And not only that, but instead of 10 free seeds as promised, there were more, 15 dark, fat seeds total!!!  Thank You Nirvana Seeds!!!

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Medical marijuana cuttings & seedlings under a Pro-Grow 260 LED grow light

A range of seedlings & cuttings awaiting their turn in the Bloom-Room

As it turns out, it’ll be a few weeks before I can sprout any new seeds, as currently, the Bloom-Room is maxed-out with budding plants under a Pro-Grow 400 LED grow light. This leaves these little ones to bask under the Pro-Grow 260 a while longer, though there are 3 female plants ready to bloom.

The tall “Heidi-Ho” cutting, in the far back is in a 3 gallon pot about 3 months old and ready to go.

Left-middle, AI #4, and at center (down lower, trying to get her to stretch up a little), AI #3 are two Aurora Indica seedlings # 3 & 4 at about 31 days from seed. A bit young, but both have already declared female.


The lighter green cuttings in the pic  (center, around AI #3 and in far back) are off of a White Widow. Though small, they are matured and can be put to bloom anytime. With this WW phenotype/strain, cuttings set to bloom at about 8″-12″ tall, usually end up just over double their size in the 18″ to over 2 foot range. I have been thinking of putting one of the White Widow cuttings in a 1 or 2 gallon pot & blooming it under the Pro-Grow 180 along side the Blue Mystics that are in Bubbleponics, over in the test tent. Hmmm…