Over the last several weeks, Nirvana Shop (Nirvana Seeds) has quietly been adding their classic auto-flower  marijuana strains back into its seed catalog!

Autoflower harvest - Northern Light Auto

Northern Light Autoflower! Dense, heavy, sticky and very smelly!

Grow guide for marijuana beginners.

Just over a year ago, Nirvana Seed Shop made the right call to pull most of their auto flower seed lineup due to inconsistencies in autoflowering. Rather than leave an inferior product on the market, Nirvana pulled all but their original Short Rider autoflower strain. Gone were classic strains crossbred to auto flower as well: Bubblelicious, Jock Horror, Blue Mystic all autoflower strains, all gone.

In their absence the always reliable and available, Short Rider feminized, autoflower seeds with its unique auto flowering, strong, skunky buds became a popular industry favorite.  Sometime later Northern Light autoflower was released by Nirvana and they had an instant hit on their hands!

Nirvana’s newly re-released auto-flower marijuana seeds are:

Blue Mystic + 100% feminized! 100% autoflower! Soft blue hues with a berryish aftertaste. Neutral smell while growing. Similar to Northern Light

Bubblelicious + 100% feminised, 100% autoflowering! Highly resinous, sweet taste, sometimes reminiscent of bubble gum. Vigourous plants.

and earlier…

Jock Horror + 100% feminized, 100% autoflowering! Hybrid of Northern Light, Skunk and Haze. Incredibly resinous. Unique fresh flavour. Uppy high.

Northern Light +100% feminised, 100% autoflower seeds! Lucrative indoor Indica. High flower/leaf ratio, dense buds, lots of resin. Neutral yet full-bodied taste.


Autoflowering cannabis has come a long way in such a short amount of time. Nirvana Shop has done an amazing job in breeding fast growing, high-quality & production auto flower genetics! I highly recommend giving them a try, you’ll be glad you did!