Looks like I know where I will be on Friday!

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ORANGEVALE (CBS) – A Northern California medical marijuana dispensary is going out of business so it’s planning a huge TGIF party — complete with free pot.

The Orangevale dispensary Magnolia Wellness is giving away free marijuana on Friday before it closes its doors indefinitely.
With pressure from the county and federal officials and looming lawsuits, dispensary owners said they’re closing to focus all their attention on the larger medical marijuana fight. And since all this pot has to go somewhere, why not to their 40,000 customers who’ll soon be displaced?
“Everyone who walks through the door, we’re giving them a chance to win free meds,” Steven Lee of Magnolia Wellness said Tuesday.

And they’re doing it with holiday cheer, hosting a party and toy drive to boot. And the plan is not lacking for attention.

“I saw it in the paper this morning,” one woman said. “I mean, if you’re wanting stuff, it’s a good price.”
“I thought they were kidding about that at work,” one man said. “It’s California.”

Like a Gunshot blast!

But it’s no joke. The dispensary is dead serious about only giving marijuana to medical marijuana card holders. And they said customers will have to take their pot to go.

“This party was meant to be in a time patients are facing persecution,” Lee said. “This party was meant to be a happy time.”