Whats wrong with ther running for prez”?

She puts people in their place when they are out of line, and i think she might put the prohibs in their place as well.

At least she will get the attention of folk that this war is foolish and destruct-full and immoral.

Which is more than the candidates are doing except for Ron Paul, which i cant believe he is a racist either, i think that is bs made up to destroy his fine character and integrity.
I’d love to see her up on the stage and see how she reacts to the liars when they ytry telling her that pot is dangerous, when the liars on the stage are the dangerous ones.
Prohibs are the most ignorant warmongery and worthless pests known when they war with us and want us destroyed.
Not to mention all the other wars prohibs start, maybe she would be against the killing and war?
Lets see.