Not a great pic, but I just had to post this one…

Harvested week 9, Auto-flower buds grown under L.E.D.s

Just one of the nuggets off of Northern Light Auto #2, grown under a Pro-Grow 260 LED grow light.

Marijuana grow tutorial for beginners.

Northern Light Autoflowers bloom under an L.E.D. grow light.

Auto pilot engage! The last Northern Light Autos bloom in the Veg Garden.

This is a side limb from our Northern Light Auto – offspring #2, week 9 at harvest. This is the second of the three autos in the Pro-Grow 260 Veg Garden to be harvested, #1 was cut last week. Plant #3 has just been moved out of the veg area and into secluded darkness for the next few days, then it’s harvest time!

From our 5 original seeds ordered from Nirvana, one plant self-pollenated and we harvested about 15 seeds or so from two plants, thus far every seed has gone auto and has been a similar phenotype to that of the original seeds.

Grow Weed Easy!


The Pro-Grow 260 LED Veg-Garden

With little fanfare, the Pro-Grow 260 consistently produces fine seedlings, cuttings and auto-flower buds

Nirvana Seeds: Northern Light Autoflower »
Indica / Sativa: Hybrid – Autoflower
Plant type: Indoor as well as Outdoor
Plant height: Short
Effect: High (head trip) yet stoned (body buzz)
Flavour: fruity / smooth
Average yield: 200 – 300 (g/m² in SOG)
Flowering period: 7 – 9 weeks
White strain: No
Feminized: Yes
Having already grown through my first set of 5 Northern Light autoflower seeds from Nirvana, I can say had they been photoperiod seeds, every phenotype was worthy of being a mother plant. Though there was variation, each plant produced well over an ounce of medical quality buds. Their aromas varied from ‘incense & hashish’  to ‘honey & tangerine’, but they were all sweet & herbal on the inhale, gentle on the lungs as the spicy/incense undertones become more prevalent. You’d wish you could hold it in forever, as you reluctantly exhale, you are rewarded with one last aromatic blast of sandalwood and hashish…
Nirvana seeds has a real winner with this addition to their auto-flower collection »