Nirvana’s Northern Light Autoflower was my first encounter with the “legendary” Northern Light strain. I’d never even tried the photoperiod version before this.

For all the hype surrounding this variety, I gave it a pass many times but one day the seeds were on sale and I couldn’t pass them up. From the very first harvest, I must say it has instantly become a favorite.

The first 3 seeds sprouted and produced magnificent plants.

Northern Light Auto #1

Northern Light Auto #3 at Week 9 from seed

Northern Light Auto #3


Northern Light Auto #3 Buds Dried

The last two seeds were dwarfs, but I believe that due to mistreatment of them while on vacation… Their quality was stellar!

The dwarf phenotype

Northern Light Autoflower Grow Stats

Typical germination: 3-5 days, rate 100%
First flowers: About week 3, between days 18 – 28
Average Bloom: 8 weeks
Seed to harvest: All under 90 days.


Largest: Northern Light Autoflower #3: 64 grams
Northern Light Autoflower #2: 56 grams
Northern Light Autoflower #1: 36 grams
Dwarf #4, just under one ounce.
Smallest: Dwarf #5, 19 grams

All of connoisseur quality meds.

Northern Light Autoflower – Flavor
: The aroma and flavor is anything but neutral. It is sweet & herbal on the inhale, gentle on the lungs as the spicy/incense undertones become more prevalent. You wish you could hold it in forever, as you reluctantly exhale, you are rewarded with one last aromatic blast of sandalwood and hashish…

As the buds cure and age, a few get very fruity sweet. Even the scent of the smoke in the air has a very unique and unmistakable aroma.

There is also a noticeable difference regarding “effect” in early harvest (week 7-8) and late harvest (week 9-10).

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Bonus – The Northern Light Autoflower In-House Generation:

A very cool “mishap” that occured was that one plant had one branch that seeded. We never really noticed them until harvest. After curing, they were at the bottom of the jar to our surprise. So since, then we’ve been running near carbon copy phenotypes from them, with about another 16 seeds in cold storage.

Only thing I’ve notices is that the Gen 2 seeds don’t quit have the same initial “vigor” as the parent seeds did. Where the parents all went from seed to harvest in less than 90 days, if these grow out bigger, the take about 110 days to fully mature, but the dwarf plants mature about 1 – 2 weeks earlier at about 50 days.

Main top from NLa Offspring #2

In-house Auto Offspring “Tigress”

Strain Review: Northern Light Autoflower

Another beauty from out in-house seed collection

Of course every once in a long while things like this happen…

Sometimes no amount of love or nutrients will help…  (Offspring #4, 6 weeks)