Autoflower marijuana - Northern Light Auto

Day 29 of flowering and only 7 weeks from seed

The marijuana strain “Northern Light” (or “Northern Lights”) is a legendary, old-school member of the many hybridized strains now available. Most popular commercial strains on the market today can trace their lineage back to generation one of the Northern Light line.

I should confess that I passed up growing or even trying Northern Light for some time, but gave in when I got a deal on some autoflower Northern Light seeds.

From seed to killer weed in less than 90 days, and all done in the veg tent. I was more than impressed with the fast growth and decent size of the auto-flower plants, and that the best traits of the Northern’s were evident with dense, rock hard bud clusters, purple & red tinges late in bloom, and a smell/aroma that was pure heaven… Black hashish, laced with sweet perfume like incense, or was it the other way around?

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Top View of Northern Light Autoflower #1

Not a very tight node specimen, but the buds are amazingly tight and encrusted with trichomes

Of the 5 original Northern Light Autoflower seeds, all 5 germinated & produced. 2 harvested above an ounce, the other 3 were well over 2 ounces each. Since then we’ve garnered some in-house bred seeds from our original Northern Light autos and the results have been consistent.

Northern Light Autoflower cannabis seedlings

Day 36 from seed, declared female and beginning to bloom!

Growth Pattern

I start my seeds in soil, 12 cups work well. Generally the seeds will sprout eagerly within 3 – 5 days and then seem somewhat lethargic over the next week. Not to worry, during this time, autos tend to work hard to establish a good root system.

By weeks 2 to 3 the roots usually fill the 12oz cup, I will transplant into larger containers (a 1 gallon), or preferably into a final pot (3 gallon +) after which growth tends to pick up.

Avoid excessive transplanting of auto-flower marijuana and try to go from sprout to final container, if space allows, you will get better growth overall. Though I cannot back this up with science, but in my notes, it seems that excessive pre-bloom transplanting may delay onset of bloom by a few weeks.

After sprouting, Northern Light Autos will declare sex in weeks 3 to 5, and be in an aggressive growth/bloom spurt shortly thereafter. Be sure to have them well potted by then.

The Original Cash Crop: bushy, tasty, frosty!

Northern Light Autoflower grown with a Pro-Grow 260 LED

Northern Light Autoflower #3 – Beyond week 5 from seed, growth is explosive as budding also begins.

Again, root health & growth is key. I like to use a light root stimulant (Rhizotonoic, Super Thrive, Hormex, Rootone, etc) once a week, or at 50% of the recommended usage. More roots = more auto-flower buds.

Container size… MINIMUM 1 gallon (4 liter), preferred 3 gallon. I like to use fabric pots. And yes, you can get some crazy results with autos and hydro!

Shots of our 2 most recent Northern Light Auto Flower plants

Recessive dwarfism cannabis mutation

Sometimes no amount of love or nutrients will help…

Not all auto-flower seeds turn out the way we want. Even with all the effort and science that goes into breeding these elite seeds, genetics will be genetics. Recessive dwarfism cannabis mutations are not uncommon, but are much rarer now than in the early generations of autoflower seeds.

Grow Weed Easy!

With a little planning & basic plant care, Northern Lights Auto-flower will delight!

CLose-up of Northern Light buds

She provides a most wonderful effect, physically relaxing yet mentally stimulating!