A quick picture update…

I’m a little short on words today, so I’m hoping the pics tell the story well enough. I know I posted pics just 3 days ago, but look at the amount of growth, it is amazing.

The Must Try legend.

NLA #3 is a beast, she’d be over a meter tall if I wasn’t bending & wiring her down. What’s more is that all her bud leaves are turning a wicked red/purple. NLA #1 is a dwarf in comparison. Under 16″ tall, though she is about 2ft wide, NLA #1’s colas are short, but all feature tight, dense budding.

Nirvana’s Autoflower genetics and Hydroponics Hut’s Pro-Grow 260 are both doing their jobs!

Northern Light Autoflowers bloom under a Pro Grow 260 LED grow light

NLA #1 & #3 blooming under the Pro Grow 260

Northern Light Autoflower #1

Northern Light Autoflower marijuana

Northern Light Autoflower #1 - Short, stout, & an aggressive bloomer @ day 27 of flowering.

Northern Light Autoflower #1 at day 27 of flowering.

A small sea of Northern Light Auto-flowers at day 27 of flowering.

Nirvana Seeds Autoflower

Close up of a Northern Light Autoflower bud at say 27 of bloom

 Northern Light Autoflower #3

Auto-flower marijuana

One Big Auto - NLA #3, day 27 of bloom, Week 7 from seed

Nirvana's Northern Light Autoflowers blooming under Pro-Grow LED grow lights

Northern Light Autoflower from Nirvana is a beautiful plant!

Red & purple buds

Not the best picture, but you can see her leaves beginning to go red

Northern Light Buds with reds & purples

Day 27 of blooming, Northern Light Autoflower #3 is really starting to show reds & purples in her leaves.



The Must Try legend.