Weed - Northern Lights: Photos and Strain Review

The Northern Lights marijuana strain is a beautiful flower to behold, both under a microscope  and from the other end of a well-lit blunt.  I was recently privileged to receive a taster, it was one large bud of light green, crystallized trichomes, finished with an tight and purposeful manicuring job.

Grow guide for marijuana beginners.

As is almost always true, the NL’s consistent lime green hue and virtually golden-colored pistils that glisten with sticky resin, calls to you. At first glance this NL sampler had light looking pistils, which of course set off “Red Flags” that she might have matured a bit longer. However as one further inspected the amber pistils and the even development all over the buds, you could easy see that the harvest timing was pretty much “just what the doctor ordered”. This of course is especially true if they were looking at producing a strain that would reduce the heady, sometimes overpowering high this strain is known for. There were no noticeable defects to this quality grown flower of northern lights. Simply put, beautifully grown, perfectly cured and a joy to smoke.

The sweet smell of a successful NL harvest should have the aroma of light lemon sent crossed lightly with a minor skunk overtone. As the flowers bouquet seeps from its medical marijuana container a complex scent of a sugary lemon citrus and a touch eucalyptus hits you square in the nose. When this fragrant little lady is broken down for consumption its ripe scent can be sniffed out from any room in the house.

To taste her, is to love her — one light inhale on  the sweet and citrusy joint says it all. Fortunately for me this NL strain retained much of her flavor, as it drives me absolutely batty when I to run into flower that taste nothing like it smells. A sweet and flavor filled smoking experience with rock-solid taste maintenance. If I had to guess I would say that it was finished with a very good flush at the end of its flowers cycle as it produced only a very light gray to white ash.






Sticky, sweet-smelling sublime bud!