For the second time this year, a pot-sniffing pooch got the better of pot-smoking superstar Snoop Dogg when the hip-hop legend was busted at Norway’s Oslo Airport on Thursday for possession of eight grams of chronic (slightly more than a quarter-ounce).


The Original Cash Crop: bushy, tasty, frosty!

Fortunately, Snoop was well under the Norwegian misdemeanor threshold of 15 grams or less and was hit with a relatively minuscule fine of 5,000 kroner ($827 in U.S. dollars).

Ironically, it was the big wad of bills – in excess of legal limits – Snoop was carrying that resulted in a fine more than ten times the pot ticket – 52,000 kroner ($8,600 American). Snoop was reportedly polite and released without incident.
The 40-year old rapper, whose real name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr., was previously busted in mid-January in West Texas after a drug-sniffing dog was brought onto his tour bus.
After the pot detainment, things got even stranger as Snoop was reportedly five hours late to the stage as a headliner at the Hove Festival on Thursday night. When asked by Norwegian-based VGTV why he was late, Snoop gave an answer only he could get away with: “I was late ’cause I went to go get some chicken wings… ’cause I wanted to see Norway up close and personal, and visit an old folks’ home. I went to visit a convalescent home. That’s why I was late.” has photos of the contraband.