The president then made it pretty clear that he does not view legalization and decriminalization as the answers to ending the drug war. Here’s what he told the Colombian reporter, verbatim.

Like a Gunshot blast!

“I don’t mind a debate on issues such as decriminalization. I personally don’t agree that that’s a solution to the problem, but I think that, given the pressures that a lot of governments are under here — under resourced, overwhelmed by violence — it’s completely understandable that they would look for new approaches and we want to cooperate with them. I don’t think legalization of drugs is going to be the answer.”

Obama also added that it’s important for any presidential candidate to be “transparent.” To which we can only shake our heads and wonder why he hasn’t provided a statement on the uptick in medical marijuana raids in the past year. There has been nothing transparent–or honest–about that all.