Over the summer it was the heat. The temperatures in the tent reached upwards of  90 degrees F, and we had to pull the HSP and bring in the Pro-Grow 180 LED grow light.

This morning the 600 watt digital ballast that powered our High Pressure Sodium lamp in the Bloom-Room just upped and died. So I ended up pulling the Pro-Grow 260 from the auto-flower/veg-box, replacing it with a butt-load of CFLs and hanging the 260 in the Bloom-Room, from the light mover.

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Hydroponics Hut's  Pro-Grow 260

The Pro-Grow 260 subs in nicely for the 600 watt HPS that died this morning.

I set up the Pro-Grow 260 on the light mover, holding very close to the tops of the plants (about 8-10 inches). If it were not on the light mover, I would hold up position about 14-18 inches off the tops.

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Pro-Grow 260 LED Grow Light

The Pro-Grow 260 provides solid lighting, all the way down to the lowest branches & buds!

I hope the replacement ballast gets here soon! CFL’s work fine in a pinch, but the seedlings & autoflowers miss the PAR of the Pro-Grow LED.