In trolling the news section for current “marijuana” news like a recovering junkie searching for his methadone fix, I ran across this Anonymous interview just now. A few weeks back Anonymous came out of the shadows to make a public declaration that they would now openly  support the effort to change the course of the federal actions by supporting the legalization of marijuana. Since then #OpCannabis group has been formed and is now announcing Phase 2. #OpCannabis Phase 2 comprises the establishing of as many 420 marches as possible, thereby demonstrating to the federal government the totality of the public support for the legalization of pot. Of course this being an Anonymous gig, there is a slightly more sinister side to one segment of Phase 2 … some may say provocative.

Like a Gunshot blast!

#OpCannabis Phase 2 has set out to expose the names and address of the “narco-warriors” that roll deep – cloaked in DEA colors, then to uncover their personal motivation behind their blood lust for the marijuana community. To be clear, the term “narco-warriors” has a rather broad definition based an interview with #OpCannabis, “narco-warriors” are individuals and business that profit from keeping the status quo ( i.e. medical marijuana as an illegal substance). This extensive and intertwining web of profit by collusion include the fat cat corporate supplicants, character deficient state legislators that receive sizable kickbacks, all of the merchants of death from the big pharma and last but not least our corporate prison machines that have no qualms with reaping monetary gain from the ruthless, nonsensical side of our judicial systems stance on medical marijuana.

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 Greetings from Anonymous and Team Vendetta,

As many are aware, Operation Cannabis 420 is a grass roots effort to bring all who use cannabis together for the purpose of legalization. Our efforts have been largely successful in terms of raising awareness and getting the word out. Our video and press releases for Operation Cannabis 420 – Phase 1 have reached countless numbers of people thanks to the Internet and the pro-cannabis media. The support we have garnered for this operation is better than we could have dreamed. [Source]