Finding quality medical marijuana seeds safely, can be as easy as going to a local dispensary, or support group.  For others though, the only alternative is ordering online. Usually the most common worries about safely ordering marijuana seeds online are:

  • Will I actually get the seeds, or will I be ripped-off?
  • Do they ship marijuana seeds to the United States?
  • Can I order anonymously?
  • Can they arrive without drawing any unwanted attention (customs, postmaster inspection).
  • Are their strains/genetics any good?

Below are companies I have dealt with and have always had great customer service & follow through and a very high success rate.These vendors reliably ship top quality marijuana seeds to the U.S. and Worldwide

Nirvana - the best Marijuana & Cannabis SeedsNirvana Marijuana Seeds – Medical, Feminized, Autoflower, Indoor/Outdoor – Anonymous Ordering
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The Original Cash Crop: bushy, tasty, frosty!

The Nirvana webshop is run by a small but dedicated team. They pride themselves on excellent customer service, which has long been one of the many reasons why customers keep returning to shop (including me). If you need any help with your orders just ask, their customer service is best in the biz! Nirvana Seeds – Marijuana Seeds Straight from the Source!

3 Favorite Nirvana Strains

AK48 is one of the strongest early-finishing cannabis strains available anywhere. AK48 marijuana plants produce hard buds with an exceptional and penetrating aroma. Although AK48 is a Cannabis Indica/Sativa hybrid, its effect tends toward the ‘high’ commonly produced by Sativas. Although most marijuana growers will opt for a longer vegetative period to improve taste, under perfect conditions, Nirvana AK-48 may finish in as few as 48 days.

Nirvana Aurora Indica is an F1 hybrid of Afghan and Northern Light.

Its plants stay short, producing heavy colas and dense buds. This marijuana strain produces exceptional amounts of resin, resulting in a deep, near-black hash with a tasty aroma and a heavy buzz.

This probably is Nirvana’s most potent Indica seeds strain.

Nirvana Northern Light is a marijuana strain which is highly suited to indoor growing. Of course, this auto-flowering version is also perfect for outdoors. Nearly all promising modern indoor cannabis strains contain Northern Light genes. With its high flower-to-leaf ratio, compact buds, good yields and exceptional resin production, these wonderful marijuana seeds are a most lucrative choice for the professional cannabis grower.

The Attitude Seed Bank – Medical, Feminized, Autoflower, Indoor/Outdoor, Multiple marijuana seed banks

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Offering literally thousands of Marijuana (cannabis) seeds strains for you to choose from, all expertly grown by the pioneers of the legendary Amsterdam cannabis seeds banks. A Huge selection of the finest Cannabis Cup winners, the stock biggest and most up-to-date line of cannabis seeds in the world, and impressive line of feminized marijuana seeds from some top breeders/suppliers. All Cannabis seeds are purchased fresh, then kept in a refrigerated room to maintain and ensure there freshness.  Attitude Seedbank »

Nirvana seeds, staight from the source!

Amsterdam Marijuana SeedsAmsterdam Marijuana Seeds – Medical, Indoor/Outdoor, Feminized

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They offer high quality marijuana seeds at affordable prices. Their cannabis seed strains are selected by dutch top breeders. Discrete stealth delivery world-wide! All marijuana seeds shipped in crush proof sealed envelops with no indication to the contents.

Rare Strains from Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

Loaded with crystals she looks like White Widow but produces bigger and darker leafs.

Big Black Indica is a strong plant that grows easy under all circumstances and is very resinous with a family relationship mostly of afghani crossed with BB x WW.

Big Black Indica a powerful smoke great for sharing extraordinary taste and its easy to grow.

Black Indica »

Many years ago as a youngster I was traveling around the globe.

I found myself smoking Charas Finger Hash on a beautiful day in Northern India. No words can describe the intense happiness I felt that moment.

I have been searching for the bliss since then, finally we succeeded in synthesis of the Charas experience and more important to stabilize it in into this Charas genetics for everyone

Charas from AMS »

These are the real-deal Durban Poison feminized marijuana seeds, imported from South Africa, produced in Holland. Exclusively inbred and never hybridized – 100% Sativa.

Large fan leaves with long colas of buds with lots of resin. A sweet licorice flavor. Up high similar to Thai. The perfect outdoor marijuana plant for hotter climates also does very well under artificial light.

how to grow weed

Durban Poison »

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds: Free marijuana seeds with every order!