Totally Stoked!

Our bud photo on a Nirvana Seeds ad

My only claim to fame... A Bubblelicious photo featured in Nirvana Seed's newsletter.

Upon checking our email this morning, were pleasantly surprised! Behold, a photo I took last year of a thick bud cola from a Bubblelicious (plant S-2 if you followed that grow) was featured in a Nirvana Seeds Newsletter!

Sticky, sweet-smelling sublime bud!

A hearty, aggressive bloomer, Bubblelicious is an excellent strain for a beginner doing a first grow, or an advanced grower looking for some diverse and exciting phenotypes.

The plant (S-2) was one of three from seed, that not only survived my first attempt at growing, but actually produced a couple ounces of fine, Medical Grade cannabis.

A big thank you to Hydroponics Hut for their kick-*ss LED grow lights. It was the Pro-Grow LEDs that turned my Bubblelicious plants (and every grow since) from good to great! Also, for using my photo, Nirvana gave me 1000 points to spend in the seed shop – Thank you!!! 😉

Like a Gunshot blast!


These are the colas harvested from the same Bubblelicious plant in the Nirvana Newsletter.