The Mason Planning Commission forwarded an ordinance change to the city council that it has worked on since 2010.

The ordinance prohibits a business from the sale or distribution of marijuana for medical use in the city of Mason. It was approved by the planning commission at its March 13 meeting and will now go to the Mason City Council on March 19.

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Mason Zoning and Development Manager David Haywood said the public hearing on March 13 yielded no comments from the public on the issue, which started back when the city placed a moratorium on any new business of that nature.

“We’ve done an extensive study on this,’ Haywood said. “We’ve looked at other municipalities and what they have done, as well as all of the litigation since it was enacted.”

Michigan voters approved the use of medical marijuana after a vote in 2008. Since then various businesses have started to manufacture and sell the product all over the state and local municipalities have grappled with how to regulate it.

Haywood said in the end, the commission decided to go with the understanding that because marijuana is considered illegal through federal law, the ordinance will not allow these businesses to locate in Mason.

“We still respect the rights of use and medical caregivers,” Haywood said. “Which was approved by voters. We’ve decided to go with federal law on the distribution issue however.”

The planning commission was also given a presentation on the plans for the stage at Rayner Park. Construction is slated to being in April for the stage, which will have electrical access and will be used at the park for special events.

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Location: Mason, MI
Source: Lansing State Journal
Author: Will Kangas
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